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In The Name Of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise belongs to God, the Lord of all Being, the Creator of the sky and the land who says in the explicit Book of His: “As for the orphan, do not oppress him, and as for the beggar, scold him not, and as for the Lord’s blessing, declare it.” God’s Messenger, the honest Prophet, Peace may be upon him says, “God is helping the person so long as he is assisting his own brother”. On behalf of our Charitable Society for Orphans and the Needy –Administration and Members, we extend our best regards to you all. Well, another year has gone by, hoping that the Society shall carry on, by God’s will and aid. By this, we present the latest portrait of the Society’s achievements, activities and future projects, a thing we are accustomed to doing annually.

Following are our own objectives in brief:

1. For the purpose of honesty and trust, we present this report.

2. It includes a complete account regarding our activities in detail.

3. To us, work responsibility is mutual: We carry out the task ; the citizens of all categories should enquire and guide. They should read it in scrutiny and share us the responsibility.

4. The aim of this report is not only to show the activities of the Society, but also to display the citizens contributions supporting the Society. In fact, our achievements would not have been possible without their abundant shares.

5. We don’t claim complete success. Perfection is only to God. We acknowledge that we might have made mistakes. If so, we do apologize.

6. The Society does not belong to any specific person. Rather, it belongs to all those who

back it up and its beneficiaries. Thus it employs an open-door policy.

7. It is logical to accept positive criticism which will push the Society forward. Nonetheless, we reject groundless criticism.

8. Finally, we do believe in the saying: Deeds speak louder than words. To all the citizens of the Governorate of Jericho and the Jordan Valley: To all the citizens of Palestine:

While preparing our statement, we are aware of the significance of what the Society offers to protect an integral part of our community. We help the deprived ; they find who support them without any pride, simply because God says “ The believers indeed are brothers. “ The Prophet ( PMBUH ) Says”, The believer to the believer is just like the building whose parts strengthen each other. We seize this opportunity to express gratitude to all those who gave the Society assistance, and in particular, the inhabitants of the Governorate and the people elsewhere, in general. We do rely on God and that should suffice. We pledge to remain faithful to the Society and its mission. Our last prayer is praise belongs to the Lord of all Being.


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